Assessment for Learning
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Reflection, practice and evaluation


  • Why do you ask questions in your classroom?
  • What kinds of questions do you ask?
  • In your classroom, who is doing most of the talking? Who is doing most of the thinking? Is this how things should be?
  • What use do you make of student responses to questions that you or students ask in your classroom?
  • Consider the range of cultures present in your classroom. Are there cultural considerations that you need to take into account when questioning your students or encouraging them to ask questions?
  • Thinking about gender issues: in your classroom which gender is more likely to be asked questions? What kinds of questions are asked of boys? What kinds of questions are asked of girls?


Ask a colleague to use the audit sheet in order to identify what questioning practices occur in your classroom.


Use the results to answer the following questions:

  • What kind of questions do you ask most frequently - open or closed?
  • Do you ask questions that demand higher-order thinking?
  • Are you employing wait time and hands down when appropriate?
  • Are you prompting students to further responses?
  • Do you ask students to build on each other's answers?
  • Are you distributing questions around the class (and equally between the genders, if relevant)?
  • Are you acknowledging student responses in a positive manner?
  • Do students ask questions? What kinds?

Do you think there is a need to change your questioning practices? What might you focus on and why?