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Using the 'Peer feedback and student self-assessment' DVD

The following suggested activities relate to the Peer feedback section of the DVD.

This DVD is available for purchase from Curriculum Corporation.

  • View the classroom footage of the Year 3/4 class (Peer feedback). How is peer feedback being used here? What strategies do you think would need to be put in place in order to make a 'writing buddy' system effective?
  • View the classroom footage of the Year 5/6 class (Peer feedback). How is peer feedback being used here? What kind of culture needs to be created in the classroom for peer feedback to be effective? (Several of the teacher interviews discuss this issue.)
  • View the student interviews (Peer feedback, Primary). Identify both the positive and negative attitudes and try to account for them. What strategies might be used to support students to a more positive attitude?
  • View the Year 7 Geography classroom footage (Peer feedback). Why do you think that the teacher chose to ask students to frame their suggestions for improvement in the form of questions?
  • View the Year 6 classroom footage and interviews (Tools to support peer feedback) which explore the use of rubrics as part of peer feedback. Consider the effectiveness of using rubrics in this way.
  • View the teacher interviews (Secondary, Peer feedback) to listen to comments about the role of teamwork in creating an effective peer-feedback culture. What strategies would assist in developing teamwork as part of the classroom culture?